This page will list the various clearances within the USM and their powers, along with the ranks that are attributed with the clearances, The USM Clearances are entirely separate from Intelligence Clearances.


CL0: Not USA Citizens, No powers, Rank not Applicable, Not given access to USM Information of any sort.

CL1: USA Citizens, No powers, rank not applicable, Given access to basic USM Information.

CL2: USM BMTs, No Powers, Given access to very limited USM Information.

CL3: USM Personnel ranking E2 - E9, Allowed to go onto USM team at DC and participate in USM Events other than trainings. Given access to unclassified USM Information.

CL4: USM Personnel ranking as Officers between the ranks of O1-O9, Allowed to host events and command other USM Personnel. Given access to unclassified USM information, along with extra information depending on need.

CL5: USM Personnel ranking as Senior Officer at the rank of O10 or above, Allowed to demote/promote other USM personnel, But must clear anything major with CL6 Personnel. Given access to Classified USM Information. USM Personnel ranking CL5 form USM High Command (HICOM)

CL6: USM Personnel ranking at the positions of VCJCS, CJCS, DEPSECDEF, SECDEF and the POTUS, Granted all powers and access to all information, USM Personnel ranking CL6 form USM Supreme Command (SUPCOM), The SECDEF's Senior Advisor is also a part of Supreme Command.

Special Clearances:

These clearances are those applying to specific ranks within USM that are granted special powers or access to USM Information because of the position the rank may hold.

CL3.5: Senior Enlisted Advisor, Ranking E9C, Holds extra powers of managing the enlists and promoting/demoting them, must clear any actions taken with extra powers with CL5 personnel.

CL4.5: Division CO, Commonly ranking O5-O6 or above, Holds powers of managing a Division within a branch, receives access to Information pertaining to the Division the holder is in command of.